Thursday, January 14, 2010

There Are More Than Two Options on Healthcare Reform

I saw Obama talking about healthcare reform again and saying if somebody wants to run on a platform against his healthcare plan (gee I wonder who he was talking about there) that it's ok.  They just have to explain to the people why they are voting for the insurance companies and the status quo. 

My cats scattered to the four corners of the earth as I began screaming at the television.

How can anybody believe the man can end the middle east conflict, fix the economy or win a war on terror when he can't even seem to grasp the concept that there are more than two options when it comes to healthcare reform?  He appears wholely inadequate to the task of viewing the healthcare debate in any way other than "my way or nothing."  Well Mr Obama, there are other options.  Lots of other options.  There are some options that would be worse, but even more options that would be much better.  Just because this is the idea that your panel of lawyers turned politicians came up with, doesn't mean it's a good plan.  You might, for just a second, consider the idea that there could be a better way to do this and that the people screaming at their representatives, booing them in public, calling, writing, faxing and begging to be heard don't necessarily want the status quo, they just don't want to make the situation even worse.

I know that the idea that there could be an option better than the one that you had to bribe Senators to vote for is a difficult for you, but try reallly hard to understand.  I know it's hard for you to see things right in front of your face considering you didn't hear anything racist or anti-american out of Rev Wright, but the country would appreciate it if you would at least try to wrap that itty bitty brain of yours around this idea.

The American people know that there are more than two options and every time you say a vote against your plan is a vote for the status quo we get more and more angry.  I can't help but wonder if your plan for transforming America is too make us all so angry with the stupidity and offensiveness of your arguments that all your detractors actually have strokes.  Is that your real healthcare reform plan.  Make the people so angry that they literally drop dead?  It's really beginning to look that way to me.

I find it amazing that you believe we have more options in how to take our coffee than we have in healthcare reform.  God save this country from the stupidity and blind ambition of it's leaders.


  1. Oh, Lydia. One day I hope to hear a logical argument from you and not accusations of hatred. I'm angry, yes. Even Jesus got angry. Remember turning the tables over in the temple? And even Jesus was defiant. That turn the other cheek thing was an act of defiance against Roman law and not an act of submission. But how is it heartlessness to demand that we get something that make the situation better instead of worse?

  2. I have offered twice at least to come over and have a real conversation with you and you keep blowing me off, i would love to give you some info from my church group, you reallly do not need any more sadness in your life.

  3. I have more than enough outlets for discussions on religion, thank you very much. Based on your insistance that I'm sad, a real conversation with you presents itself in the light of an exercise in tedium. I'm not sad. I'm quite a happy person who just happens to be concerned over the huge lurch to socialism that our capitalistic country is takinng. Considering that all of your comments accuse me of hatred for this belief, I don't see how a face to face conversation would reflect any more of a logical argument than your virtual conversation does.