Monday, January 11, 2010

Harry Reid - Still Stupid

At a press conference outside of an energy event in Nevada Harry Reid was asked if he had apologized to the voters for implying that a dark skinned black man could not get elected.  Reid went on to say that he had apologized to African American leadership.  So I take that as a no.  He hasn't apologized to voters and he doesn't intend to.

There is a lot of talk about offending the African American community with his statements and that they aren't that offended, but what about the other communities?  What about the implication that WE are all racists and wouldn't vote for a dark skinned man?  I find that incredibly offensive. 

I did not vote for Obama, of course, and wouldn't have voted for him no matter his race because I strongly disagreed with him on pretty much every issue.  However, had I agreed with him on the issues I would have voted for him.  Again regardless of his color.

The implication by Reid that the American public is too racist to support a man with dark skin offends me, and the refusal to acknowledge that the people could actually find this implication offensive has angered me.

But then again, I lean to the right and I'm white so if I'm offended nobody really cares.

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