Monday, January 18, 2010

Obama - The Leader America Needed

I can already hear the screams of horror at this title, but the Scott Brown / Martha Coakley race shows us exactly why Obama was the president the country needed.

Unlike Clinton who discovered very quickly that pushing hard left was not the way to secure his legacy, Obama ran as a moderate and then went hard left in his administration.  This was a good thing for the country.  A very good thing.

Instead of the gentle nudges to the left that only those of us paying attention noticed, he took a big lurch to the left side that woke many Americans from their complacent slumber.  More people are now paying attention to what's going on, and not liking what they see.  More people are speaking out against the irresponsible spending of both political parties.  More people are seeking out people who support the Constitution to run as their representatives and not just accepting the lesser of the evils on the ticket.  More people are demanding the protection of their God given liberties and are willing to fight hard to protect them.  More people are not only accepting but embracing their civic responsibilities.

With Obama's epic ego convincing him that he can force socialism down the protesting throats of the American people, he has done what no conservative candidate had been able to accomplish.  He shook the American populace out of their slumber and showed them the real path of the progressives.  A path the masses do not want to tread.

Don't get me wrong here; I believe that Obama's policies are disastrous for the nation, but I have faith that the people will stop anything irrevocable from happening and that a new era of responsibility will emerge from the ashes of this obamanation, but it is up to us to do it.  Fortunately, there are far more people who recognize what needs to be done and are willing to volunteer their time and energy to do it.

Obama is not the leader we deserved, but he may just be the leader we needed.


  1. Oh we deserve him all right.

    For allowing the situation to deteriorate as we did over the last hundred or so years, we definitely deserve him.

    We also deserve the rewards of the revolt he has stirred.


  2. That's a good point, rocker. We did kind of ask for this didn't we.

  3. Great point. Very good post. I've had people argue with me about why many Americans are coming out to protest when they "had no problem with Bush and his spending". What you said here is what I've tried to tell them, Obama has gone so far left so fast that even people who voted for him are shocked into voicing their opinions, joining protests. The argument generally devolves into "it's because he's black, they're all racists".

    And I agree, both parties need cleaning up. Hopefully this wakes up all sides.