Monday, January 11, 2010

Reid's Record Supercedes His Mouth

A member of the Congressional Black Caucus said that Reid's comments are excusable because of his voting record and a Republican who said the same thing would not get the same forgiveness based on their voting record.

What this means to me is that a Democrat can say any racially offensive or explosive thing they want as long as they vote to keep the black people poor.  After all, isn't that what Reid's voting record is all about?  His voting record is based on convincing poor people that only the government can help them, that people need the government to pay their bills.  In essense, to keep them poor.  That's a good thing and all will be forgiven.

If you work to get people off of the government dole, to improve their own lives, and convince them that the surest way to remain in poverty is to wait for the government to lift you out of it, that's bad and you're automatically believed to be a racist.  Any stupid comment that can in any way be construed as racists is just seen as proof of what everybody always knew anyway.

I have never understood how the belief that race should not be a deciding factor, that the same rights apply to all regardless of color, and that we all have a chance to succeed we just have to work for it is considered racist while the belief that race should always be a deciding factor and that different standards should be set for different ethnic groups is not racist.

If I understand this logic correctly, ignoring racial differences makes you racist while focusing on racial differences makes you not racist.  That is no logic at all.


  1. Karen, you conclude 'That is no logic at all.' Exactly. Trying to reasonably and logically explain why Democrats can get away with virtually anything they say or do will not work.

    There is no reason or logic to most any and all liberal positions, only emotions count. And like el Rushbo often repeats these days, 'liberals lie.'

  2. I am not a racist. I lived long enough to finally hate everybody equally.

  3. I think I'm with you there Nickie. My biggest prejudice is against stupid people. I think their rights should be limited and I think I should decide who qualifies as stupid.