Monday, January 18, 2010

Legally Adopted Haitian Babies Stuck in Haiti

At an orphanage in Haiti there are more than 100 children who have already been legally adopted by American families but the state department is dragging their feet on getting them out.

A plane is waiting in the Dominican Republican to bring those children to the US where their adopted families would receive them, but the US bureaucrasy is keeping those children stuck in a disaster area and away from their legally adopted families.

I can only imagine what the adoptive parents are going through as they wait for the state department to get their children out of that hell and into a safe environmnet in their legal US homes.

If Obama really wants to politicize the relief effort, he had better do something about this.


  1. Obama wants nothing to do with this crisis. He'll hand it over to others as surrogates and scapegoats.

  2. And then he'll either take all the credit or dispense all the blame.