Sunday, January 10, 2010

Harry Reid - No Negro Dialect

One of my favorite bloggers, Keving Jackson from The Black Sphere has a great blog on the Harry Reid double standard today.

My favorite part was this ....

"But Obama has talent! Though he speaks ‘white’ most of the time, and is fluent in Austrian, he finds the Negro dialect or “jive” when he speaks to silly Negros—Black people who voted for Obama, simply because he is black[i]. Obama was masterful at this during his campaign, because silly Negros would not accept the white part of Obama, unless they felt he was “down,” i.e. one of them.

This is because silly Negros are also the most racist black folks in America, no different from Reid and his ilk. These blacks voted for Obama for the same reasons as Reid…because Obama has light skin and no Negro dialect…around whites! Silly Negros liked that Obama could fool whites, though it was they who were fooled.

Ironically, back in the day Obama would have been accused of “acting white” or “trying to pass,” by not having a Negro dialect. And his attempts to act black—that’s all it is, an attempt—would have gotten him more than a few butt-kickings in the black community. However, because silly Negros wanted a Messiah, regardless of whether he is a no-talent-no-Negro-dialect-having-metrosexual-Communst-sympathizing-narcissistic egomaniac!"

As always Kevin is witty and entertaining, but most of all insightful.  Read the whole blog here

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