Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The State of the US Local #946 Address

Obama has given a whole new meeting to the state of the Union address.  Who would have thought that when the president addressed the union he was actually addressing the United auto works, the Service employees, the electrictians and the welders.  But based on what he has done in his first year in office, is there any quesiton on what union he'll be addressing in his upcoming speech?  The one he's delaying until health care reform passes.  Certainly not the union of the states of this great nation.

The auto companies needed bailouts and everybody suffered - except the unions.  They pretty much own the companies now.
Job summits were held and the Chamber of Commerce wasn't invited by guess who was - the SEIU
Taxes will be levied on the great benefit packages for everybody except - the unions.
Who has had a seat at every meeting - the unions
Who has been invited to every party - the unions
Whose interests are more important than anybody else's to this administration - the unions.

So why don't we just change Obama's upcoming speech to the State of the US Local #946 address.

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