Monday, January 25, 2010

Hey It Could Have Been Worse

As the Obama administration finally gets the message that people are unhappy with his focus on healthcare over the economy, Robert Gibbs comes out with the message of "hey, it could have beeen worse."

I suppose, if they openly tried to make the economy as bad as it could possibly be, then yes, it could have been worse.  However, I don't think their argument that it would have been worse if they didn't act holds water.  Quite the opposite.  I'm of the mind that if the Obama administration and Congress had taken the entire year of 2009 off, we would be in a much better economic situation than we are right now.

The deficit would be much lower without the wild spending sprees.  The job situation would be better without the looming taxes of healthcare and cap and trade.  The housing market may have found a bottom and begun a recovery. 

Things can always be worse than they are.  It's a mantra that many of us tell ourselves when a situation gets bad, but in this situation they shouldn't be trying to convince us of how bad it could be when we know that it's worse that it should be.

Try another tack Gibbs.  Wait, I know, it's Bush's fault.

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