Friday, February 5, 2010

Fueling the Economic Engine

Obama told a group of small business owners that he acknowledges that government can't build the economy (he doesn't believe it but he acknowledges that they do) but the government can and should fuel the engine. Let me ask you this; does your engine run without fuel?

He gives the analogy saying something he thinks we want to hear but reveals the truth. He believes that the economy is dependent on the government to be the "fuel". A total crock. The government is not the fuel, it is that gunk that builds up in your fuel line and causes your engine to spit and sputter. Government is the sugar in your gas tank that seizes your engine, leaves you stranded on the side of the road in a blizzard and costs you a month's salary to fix. But Obama has made even that situation worse.

Unsatisfied with clogging up the lines, he's pushed the private sector away from the gas nozzle and decided to fuel our big diesel engine of an economy on bacon grease and horse manure. Now the spitting, sputtering, seizing and shuddering engine of our economy has developed a frightening knocking sound and is beginning to smoke. As those pushed from control of the fuel tank wave their arms and raise their voices begging for him to stop, Obama puts on his earmuffs, turns his back and shovels another load of manure in the tank. If this keeps up we'd better all duck and cover because when that engine blows, and it will if the government doesn't stop trying to fuel it, we'll all be covered in shit.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Forget Vegas - DC is Gambling for You

The president singles out Vegas yet again stating that you shouldn't plan a trip to Las Vegas instead of saving for your child's college tuition.  I find this really interesting as he is currently gambling away our futures and our children's futures for us.

He's displaying the classic gamblers philosophy in all of his leadership moves.  You have to spend money to make money so let's lay a wad of cash down and see what we can make.  The Stimulus Package was one big slot machine play.  They put in the cash, pulled the lever and prayed it came up jobs.  They missed the jackpot payoff  -- they didn't even get their investment back, but in traditional gambler characteristic they are itching to put in more cash and pull the lever again, praying this time they'll hit the jackpot.

Also in gambler style, he's refusing the admit that he's on a losing streak and instead is determined to "double down" on his agenda.  Borrowing more and more money to gamble away in the hope of a big payoff.  This is exactly the behavior that causes people to lose their life savings and their kid's college tuition at the tables.  But instead of bankrupting an individual or a family, Obama's addiction to gambling with our hard earned money is going to bankrupt us all.

His constant claims of how things have improved and what a great job they've done is tantamount to claiming you won $100 at the slots but failing to mention you lost $4,000 at Roulette.

Is gambling away our money just one more thing the government believes they can do better than we can?  In this case they may be right.  They certainly piss away a lot more of my money than I do.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Healthcare Vs Higher Education

Obama speaks repeatedly on the cost of insurance premiums rising at a rate twice that of general inflation.  It's all due to the mean and evil practices of the insurance companies and we must call a halt to their nafarious and predatory ways.  But what about higher education?  That too has a rate of inflation twice that of the rest of the economy.  Is Obama calling out universities and villifying them for their predatory practices?  Of course not.  He's dealing with this by offering to foot the bill for people who can't pay back their student loans.

What I want to know is why college tuition is rising at such a rate.  Health care premiums rise because the cost of health care itself rises; but what about education?  What costs are rising so fast that the universities have to increase their tuition at such a rate.  They should already own all of their building.  They make the students buy their own books.  On campus students are charged extra for housing and the kids have to buy their own food.  So what on earth is causing the universities to have to increase their tuitions at such a rate?  Can it be, could it possibly be, the salaries the colleges pay their professors? 

If we want to talk about predatory practices, colleges are a good example. 
  • You are forced to take classes you don't want and don't need in order to satisfy the individual college's requirement -- and you have to pay the college for this priviledge.  That sounds remarkable like racketeering to me. 
  • If you transfer from another school, the classes you didn't want to take don't transfer to the new school and you must take more useless classes to replace the last batch. 
  • You have to buy ridiculously expensive text books which you find when you try to sell back at the end of the year are actually worthless because of a new addition. 
  • You have to fight with 4,000 other students to get the class you do want only to find when you get there that the teacher doesn't speak English.  Or at least you think he doesn't.  It's hard to tell if what he is speaking is a foreign language or just so heavily accented that it's indeciferable. 
  • You have to pay for the priviledge of this up front and there is no refund for a class given by a professor you can't understand. 
  • When all is said and done you have paid $160K - $280K for an education that will qualify you for a $30,000 per year salary.

Forget banks, forget credit cards, forget insurance companies, let's go after the institutions of higher eduction for robbing us blind and using our money to indoctrine the children.

Terrorist Vs Directors

James O'Keefe, the documentary dude who brought us the ACORN scandal on how to get a loan for a whore house, was arrested for entering a federal building under false pretenses with intention to do commit a felony.  The suspicion was that he was going to wire tap Mary Landrieu's office phones.  I have no problem with him getting arrested; what I do have a problem with is that the fruit of kaboom guy was treated better.

We now know that the Christmas Day bomber whose name I will not even attempt to type with my proverbial fat finger syndrome, had a lawyer within 50 minutes of his arrest.  I heard that there were 4 government agencies involved in the decision to offer him the Constitutional rights of a country he wants to destroy.  Really?  Four agencies met and reached a conclusion within 50 minutes?  Color me skeptical.

However, James O'Keefe sat in jail for 28 hours without a lawyer while the media spread the story of his arrest.  A member of Al Queada who tried to blow up a plane had a lawyer in less than one hour while a documentary director was held for more than one day without one.  What the hell?  And it was the FBI doing both investigations.

The only conclusion I can draw from this is that a conservative film director is seen as far more dangerous, and therefore issued fewer rights, than a foreign terrorist.  Tapping a Senator's phone (which wasn't even happening) far more egregious than blowing up a plane.  If there was any quesiton in my mind whether the government's priorities were out of whack, this would clear it up for me.