Friday, February 5, 2010

Fueling the Economic Engine

Obama told a group of small business owners that he acknowledges that government can't build the economy (he doesn't believe it but he acknowledges that they do) but the government can and should fuel the engine. Let me ask you this; does your engine run without fuel?

He gives the analogy saying something he thinks we want to hear but reveals the truth. He believes that the economy is dependent on the government to be the "fuel". A total crock. The government is not the fuel, it is that gunk that builds up in your fuel line and causes your engine to spit and sputter. Government is the sugar in your gas tank that seizes your engine, leaves you stranded on the side of the road in a blizzard and costs you a month's salary to fix. But Obama has made even that situation worse.

Unsatisfied with clogging up the lines, he's pushed the private sector away from the gas nozzle and decided to fuel our big diesel engine of an economy on bacon grease and horse manure. Now the spitting, sputtering, seizing and shuddering engine of our economy has developed a frightening knocking sound and is beginning to smoke. As those pushed from control of the fuel tank wave their arms and raise their voices begging for him to stop, Obama puts on his earmuffs, turns his back and shovels another load of manure in the tank. If this keeps up we'd better all duck and cover because when that engine blows, and it will if the government doesn't stop trying to fuel it, we'll all be covered in shit.


  1. Forgot what I was going to write, I am such a retard

  2. Hypocrite Sarah Palin ranting about Obama using a teleprompter? Free. Always free. You can see this on Fox.
    Sarah Palin charging to talk about a “populist” movement of the Joe Six Packs? $115,000.00
    Sarah Palin cheating during a pre-screened Q and A session? Priceless.

  3. Scott Browns view on abortion and gays in the military? Be careful what you wish for.