Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Forget Vegas - DC is Gambling for You

The president singles out Vegas yet again stating that you shouldn't plan a trip to Las Vegas instead of saving for your child's college tuition.  I find this really interesting as he is currently gambling away our futures and our children's futures for us.

He's displaying the classic gamblers philosophy in all of his leadership moves.  You have to spend money to make money so let's lay a wad of cash down and see what we can make.  The Stimulus Package was one big slot machine play.  They put in the cash, pulled the lever and prayed it came up jobs.  They missed the jackpot payoff  -- they didn't even get their investment back, but in traditional gambler characteristic they are itching to put in more cash and pull the lever again, praying this time they'll hit the jackpot.

Also in gambler style, he's refusing the admit that he's on a losing streak and instead is determined to "double down" on his agenda.  Borrowing more and more money to gamble away in the hope of a big payoff.  This is exactly the behavior that causes people to lose their life savings and their kid's college tuition at the tables.  But instead of bankrupting an individual or a family, Obama's addiction to gambling with our hard earned money is going to bankrupt us all.

His constant claims of how things have improved and what a great job they've done is tantamount to claiming you won $100 at the slots but failing to mention you lost $4,000 at Roulette.

Is gambling away our money just one more thing the government believes they can do better than we can?  In this case they may be right.  They certainly piss away a lot more of my money than I do.

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