Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Why Do We Want To Be What We Fought To Escape?

Obama seems bound and determined to turn us into England. But didn't we fight the revolution so we weren't England? And why would we want to be them anyway?

The English people are the most filmed and photographed by their government. All things that the ACLU would pitch a fit over if it as anybody but Obama headed that way. So is that what we want?

Nationalized healthcare in England is the model that Obama wants to use. The administration says that our current system is failing the people who can't get care. So does the British method fail no one? Don't think so. They already found out that totally socialized medicine doesn't work and had to reintroduce some free market health care back into the system. I have a friend over there who had to drive her father 4 hours for a procedure. Not because there was nowhere nearer that could do it, but the place that could do it had already met it's cap for that procedure for the year. So they had to search to find someplace who had not. This is exactly what we want to do.

How about taxes. They just hiked their tax rate to 50% and isn't that VAT thing done over there as well. So you pay an additional 20% on purchases. That's for that FREE healthcare thing. Gas prices about $7 a gallon. That's where we want to go.

Our founding principles and our Constitution was set up so that we would NOT become Great Britain. So why are we abandoning that philosophy now to follow in the steps of a country we have traditionally led?

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