Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Obama Possessed by Soul of Jimmy Hoffa

Is Barack Obama the President of the United States, the president of the Unions, or both? There is currently an investigation under way to determine if Barack Obama has been possessed by Jimmy Hoffa. The previous president of the teamsters union mysteriously disappeared in the 1975 after making thwarted attempts to reclaim his position of power within the union. But was his disappearance, or even his death, enough to stop his quest for power.

Theories exist, based on the current President's behavior, which suggest that Jimmy Hoffa has possessed the President and is now seeking power over all unions and not just the teamsters. As evidence, the investigators site the "thuggish" tactics being used by Obama to strong arm, intimidate, and downright threaten any person or organization that threatens the good of the union or it's workers.

One of the most glaring similarities is a crime for which Hoffa was tried, but not convicted, which dealt with extortion of firms employing union workers. See the recent threat from Obama to the state of California to rescind the stimulus money if they're cost cutting initiatives regarding a union's pay were not reversed. Hmmmmm. Sounds Hoffa-esque to me. Hoffa was actually convicted for bribing a Jury and they got him for misappropriation of funds. Now he has even more funds to misappropriate. The blatant filtering of our tax dollars to his supporters is just further evidence that the current President should now be called Barack Hoffama.

Theorists fear which Hoffa traits will appear next. After giving control of private companies to the unions they employ, and threatening an entire state, this power hungry spirit may only get worse. On the other hand, if Obama is not possessed by Hoffa, but is just a recreation of Hoffa in a more pleasing package, that could be more frightening yet.

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