Friday, May 22, 2009

Obama Administration Creates Their Own News

The current administration has been masterful at controlling the press and the news. The first and most important step in converting any Democracy into a Dictatorship. But now he's taken it even a step further. There are now events to which the Washington press corp is no longer welcome. Instead, the Obama administration will pick and choose what they want the press to see, and release that to them. Really not a good sign.

At this point in time, the events to which the press corp is excluded are relatively benign, but this test run won't last long. I believe that they are testing the waters to see if they can get away with it, and if they do, it will just expand.

Think about every movie you've seen or book you've read with a new totalitarian government installed and what they have in common. The new power controls the flow of information to the people. If you control the information, you control the people. This is where we're headed. The freedom of the press was considered a right because they are necessary to hold our government accountable to the people. The mainstream press has been doing a piss poor job of this lately, but at least they still had the opportunity. The question is will they stand for the eroding of that opportunity.

The press corp is notoriously left wing and support the usurpations of the power of the individual while jealously guarding their own rights. Let's see how they deal with this one. Will the slobbering love affair with the current administration continue when the press corp is forced to accept only those crumbs of information that the administration is willing to feed them? I hope not. I dearly hope that at some point, somebody in the press corp decides to try to find out what the administration does not want them to see.

Control the release of information and you control the people. A philosophy that Hugo Chavez has used in order to turn Venezuela from a Democracy to a dictatorship, and a philosophy that Obama appears to be adopting.

Now Mr Obama, please tell us again how you love our Constitution.

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