Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What is the Liberal Definition of Fair?

I would really love to know how the liberal democrats define fair or fairness. They talk an awful lot about what is fair, the fair share, restoring fairness, but I'd love to know how they define it. Based on the examples they use or what they're pushing, their definition of fair seems to be unfair.

We're going to take money from somebody who earned it to give it to somebody who did not. That's liberal fair. This group pays 0% in taxes and that group pays 40% but that group isn't paying their fair share. Base a legal decision on individual circumstances instead of the law. That's liberal fair. Take money from people who paid their mortgages and give it to people who didn't. That's liberal fair. You got the highest test score but you're the wrong color so somebody who scored lower gets your job. That's liberal fair. You have a secured debt but the unsecured union creditors should get more. That's liberal fair. People who followed the immigration laws are waiting years to get a visa while people crossing the line illegally should get a visa now. That's liberal fair.

If you don't work you get less than somebody who does. That's liberal unfair. People who don't save money and have a terrible credit score can't get the same loan as somebody who does save and has a great credit score. That's liberal unfair. The majority passes a law the minority doesn't like. That's liberal unfair. A less qualified woman doesn't get a job over a more qualified man. That's liberal unfair. I make less money than somebody else. That's liberal unfair. And of course, any voting for a republican must be the result of something unfair.

Based on these examples of what the liberals call fair and unfair it seems to me they don't understand the meaning of the word. Can anybody please tell me how the liberals define fair?

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