Friday, May 8, 2009

Budget Cuts, Yippee!

In order to save money (yeah right) we are slashing the federal budget on some pesky programs. Are we getting rid of ear marks? Nope. Are we getting rid of pork projects? Nope. Are we eliminating redundant bureaucracies? Nope. What we are slashing is our national security budget. We don't actually need to protect the country anymore anyway. After all, the rest of the world loves Obama now so nobody would dare attack. Again, yeah right.

President Obama has announced that he is cutting the budget on death benefits for surviving spouses of police officers killed in the line of duty. Well that's a good benefit to cut. Those union workers need their benefits but we shouldn't waste tax payer money on the cops. Oh, and we're cutting the budget for the missile defense system. Just because North Korea is testing missiles that could reach Alaska, well that's no reason to waste money on a defense. After all, if Korea takes out Alaska then Obama gets the benefit of eliminating Sarah Palin. But that's not all folks. Nope, there's more. They've also cut the budget for the building of the border wall. The funds were already approved for that and just haven't been spent because nobody will get around to building the darn thing, so now he's taken the money away. We're just going to give citizenship to everybody who crosses so why bother to try to keep them out. And finally, my personal favorite, the cuts for bomb and nuclear sensing equipment in our ports. After all the hoopla over not having the tools to test the ports, we're now getting rid of what we set up. This all sounds smart doesn't it.

So we're spending our tax dollars buying companies and bailing out unions but taking money from national security. I'm afraid that he really does believe that we're safe now that he's president. I honestly think he believes that he's so popular overseas that nobody will attack us now.

The main function of the federal government is to keep the country secure and protect our sovereignty, but he's spending trillions to set up his pet projects and slashing the budget for the 2 things that should be his priority. And then he keeps coming out and asking for more money for more social programs, like the education grants today. He doesn't seem to understand that there's only so much money to pay for things. Does he think the funding for the government is limitless? Yes, I believe he does. He'll just go to the people he's supposed to be helping in order to get more.

Oh, and did I mention that he wants to tax company supplied health care for people who have it to pay for those who don't. That's a great idea isn't it?

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