Friday, May 8, 2009

Drew Peterson's Fiance - How Stupid Can You Be

Drew Peterson, who was finally arrested for the murder of his third wife, is having trouble with his current fiance. She's not so hyped about marrying him anymore. The question I have is what in world would posses you to get engaged to a man who'd been married 4 times before with one wife dead and the other missing? A 4 time married man is not a very good bet in the matrimonial crap shoot anyway, but under the additional circumstances what could she be thinking.

Wouldn't you wonder what was wrong with the man if 4 other women had married and left him? Wouldn't you wonder if he wasn't quite what he appeared to be? I'm leery of anybody who has been divorced twice, if it were 4 times I'd be running for the hills.

Are young women so desperate to get married that they overlook this kind of thing? I just don't understand it. If you can explain it to me, please do.

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