Sunday, May 17, 2009

Obama's Commencement Speech All About - Himself

I just read through the text of Obama's speech at Notre Dame and I was amazed at how little of it was about the students and how much of it was about himself. He even managed to work in a plug for his book.

He starts out thanking them for the honorary degree and mentioning how Arizona didn't give him one. Then he goes into exactly why the students need to support his socialist agenda as they move further into adulthood. How they need to save the planet from the damage we have done to it. He talks about how terrible we are as people and why his policies are needed to make us all nice to each other again. And then he gets into the abortion discussion. And here is where I got really disgusted.

He does a lot of talk about how two sides of an issue should be able to work together without characterizing each other. This is really rich coming from the administration that labels pro-life people as potential terrorists. Then he says "So let us work together to reduce the number of women seeking abortions, let's reduce unintended pregnancies." This from the man who said if his daughters got pregnant he wouldn't want them "punished" with a baby. Also from the same progressive party that said you can't legislate morality and legislated immorality instead. Then he says "Let's make adoption more available." This was downright insulting. There are waiting lists years long to adopt. American couples are going overseas to adopt children because here, we kill them instead of adopting them out. Then comes, "Let's provide care and support for women who do carry their children to term." I'm sorry, but wasn't Obama a vocal supporter of denying health care to baby's born in spite of an abortion attempt? So was this a plug for his universal health care bill? I think so.

This goes on and then moves into how big of an impact the catholic church had on him. I guess this was after his mother had him in the Muslim school in Indonesia. Then the speech returns to being all about him and his policies. But my favorite line, in the midst of all his discussion about himself and how what he's doing is right for the world, is this line, "It should temper our passions, cause us to be wary of too much self-righteousness." This man, as he makes a commencement speech about himself instead of the graduating students, has the gall to ask them to be wary of too much self-righteousness. What a laugh.

This wasn't a commencement speech, it was an indoctrination speech. Everything in there was about him and his policies and why they needed to support and promote them. Couldn't the man have put his campaign aside for a moment and made a speech about somebody other than himself? Apparently not.


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