Friday, December 4, 2009

There's Hope in the Arkansas Race

Former Green Beret, Trevor Drown, fed up with the liberal philosophies and the corruption of the Republican party in his state has decided to run as an independent for his district's Senate seat.  I've attached the link to the full article and interview below, but I was struck by a simple truth that shows the man has some much needed common sense.

 "If you can’t spend your way out of debt in your personal life, how can the government?"

Or maybe I should take a page from the government's book and start maxing out my credit cards in order to buy lottery tickets.  If I don't win I'll just get more credit cards and max those out too.  This is bound to work eventually so who cares if I can't pay the credit card bills.  I'm sure there's no possibility whatsoever that those companies will stop giving me credit.

A U.S. Senate seat in Arkansas and an Independent's pursuit (Includes interview)

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  1. sometimes the simple truths are the most brilliant. Isn't if funny how that is the case?

  2. And how the obvious answer can be so hard to see.

  3. I live in Arkansas and this guy is running for US Senate to replace Blanche Lincoln. I have not met him but he is well known in the Northwest Arkansas Area. His story is pretty amazing. The most amazing part is people asked him to speak as a Green Beret that just returned from Afghanistan. From there they asked him to run from office. He actually asked them to tell him what office! And they voted on it in a poll. The amazing part is he could care less about party politics and has been told time and again, he will cause Lincoln to win the seat if he puts up his values against one of the Republicans. In other words, his value system is so high and respected that he will pull votes from a Republican oc questional charector, that would result in that RINO not replacing Lincoln. I say he is protecting us once again, by holding true to his convictions and telling the republicans, you go away, do not dilute the conservative voice. That is someone I want my children to look up to. That is what we need and any republican that wants to complain about it can go pound sand. This guy will look after us. Any Republican will cater to his party first!

  4. We in Michigan need some conservatives running the show. We have been too liberal for way too long.

  5. I have faith that the concervative movement will rise again. We've been pushed as far to the left as the nation can take and the people are finally starting to realize it that we need to go back to where we started. It's going to happen one way or another.