Saturday, December 12, 2009

Perfect Example Of Socialism

We keep hearing that health care is a crisis.  It's a crisis, everybody agrees it's a crisis.  Never mind that 60% of Americans are against the plan, everybody agrees.  We won't actually start covering new people for 5 years but it's a crisis.  And why is it a crisis?  It's because people have to file bankruptcy due to medical bills.  Some studies say that 60% of bankruptcies filed are due to medical expenses.  It is horrible that anybody ends up in that situation and my heart goes out to them, but if 1.5 million people file bankruptcy and 60% of those are due to medical bills, that means that 900 thousand people a year go bankrupt from medical expenses out of an adult population of 217.8 million.  This means that the percent of people who file bankruptcy due to medical expenses is less than one half of 1%.

In order to fix the problem for 0.4% of our population, Congress is willing to pass a health care bill that has the possibility of bankrupting the nation.  Therefore, instead of 0.4% of the population being bankrupt, we'll ALL be bankrupt.

This is the real problem with socialism.  It seeks "economic equality" or "economic justice".  The government and socialist policies cannot make us all equally wealthy, all they can do is make us equally poor.  The health care bill is the perfect example of what socialism really does.  It does not raise us all to the same high level, but reduces us all to the lowest common denominator.  Is that what we really want to be? 


  1. When you do the math, all liberalism turns into mush. As el Rushbo keeps pounding into our brains, it's not about health care. It's about government controlling what we eat, what we drive, what we smoke or do not smoke, what we (fill in the blank), our freedom takes a real hard hit with the passage of this health care reform monstronsity.

    I am wondering just what kind of uproar this will cause once it's signed into law the Obama. And if it can be overturned.

  2. considering that for the first several years all they're going to do is collect taxes and offer no services, there should be an opportunity to undo it if we get control of Congress next year. I pray that is exactly what happens.

  3. Oh, I see 2010 as a disaster for Democrats. It's too far out to see how badly they are going to get hammered, but I see it going our way, Spinster.

    I think that the ACORN effect is only good when things are close, then their shennanigans can swing elections their way every time (call it the 'Al Franken Effect'). But 2010 will not be close.

    I still see people clammouring for revolution, for opting out, for defiance, for letter and email campaigns, for this and for that to let these guys know that their march towards Socialism is now on our radar.

    I still say work within the system, snipe from the bunkers until the elections. They system will still work, I believe. I may be wrong, but I see a tidal wave of ill feelings towards these guys.

    They had a good thing going for them when their march was agonizingly slow and they took their victories incrementally, but now that they have these kinds of majorities in both houses and the White House, their over reaching is really going to kill them in 2010.