Sunday, December 6, 2009

Following the "Un"

With all of the discussion on climategate and the United Nation's goals as it relates to global warming, I have to wonder why we ever do anything in line with the UN.  Over the last decades they have earned their initials.  Sadly, if you want to know what the United Nations can do, just list your expectations and still their initials in front of it.  That is what they really are.

un - objective
un - ethical
un - effective (not a real word but you get the drift)
un - truthful
un - cooperative
un - productive
un - helpful
un - supportive

Yes indeed, the organization has lived up to its initials.


  1. And most importantly, that are almost totally
    f-UN-ded by the USA.

  2. I guess we have to add un - friendly to that as well. It chaps my backside that we fund an organization which is so anti-American.