Monday, December 7, 2009

Sen Reid Compares Healthcare to Slavery

To counter the pleas of Republicans for the Democrats to slow down, step back and start over on a piece of legislation that has more patches slapped on it than a pair of 1970's bell bottom jeans, Harry Reid uses a comparison to legislation on slavery, civil rights and women's sufferage.  You've got to be kidding me!

As a justification for pushing ahead in spite of many questions and concerns on what will be covered, what it will cost and how it will be paid for, the Senate Majority Leader used a comparison to the abolition of slavery, the debates on civil rights, and the legislation for women's right to vote.  He says that at that time people were asking to slow down and step back but it was important to push forward.  I'll give him that.  Those issues were important to push forward, but it's insulting to compare government run healthcare to civil rights.

Setting aside the offensiveness of the comparison, there was also a major difference.  Slavery, civil rights and women's sufferage were all yes or no questions.  The healthcare debate is not a yes or no question but a legislative takover of a major part of our economy.

Oh, and of course the biggest difference. 
Slavery was abolished by Republican President Lincoln with the cries to slow down coming from Democrats. 
The civil rights legislation was initiated by Democrat President Lyndon Johnson but supported by Republican members of Congress, filibustered by Southern Democrats in the Senate and eventually passing.  Thank God.
The women's sufferage I may have to give to the Democrats because Republicans had control of both the Executive and Legislative branches for much of the fight and it was a Democrat President who spoke in support.  Although Wilson had not much choice since the women were using his own words spoken in support of WWI against him.

Does Harry Reid honestly believe that government run healthcare is as important to our nation as these fights for civil liberties?


  1. This guy will do anything, say anything to get his awful health care reform bill passed. I hope he gets smoked in his re-election next year, the weasel.

  2. It's disgusting isn't it. Comparing the horror of slavery to actually having to pay your own medical bill. He should be bitch slapped by the NAACP. I don't hold out much hope for it though.

  3. I'm from the northwest originally, and have quite a few family & friends in Nevada. I am frankly shocked that a plurality of the Nevadans I thought I knew would vote this guy even one term, much less 4 terms, as they're a pretty conservative crowd in NV. And what really sticks in my craw is that this guy says he is a Mormon. How is that even remotely possible, given his positions on nearly everything oppose the teachings of the church.

  4. Absolutely, brutal. As I blogged, it's beyond the pale. He should resign. He won't. People should demand it. Apparently, if you are correct Fredd, they won't.

  5. And he has yet to even apologize. But then again, the hard core leftists view "free" health care as a basic human right like freedom. Never mind that they are working tirelessly to shackle us all in bondage to the government.