Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rumsfeld's Knickers Are In A Twist

During last night's speech, President Obama took the opportunity to blame Bush for everything while taking credit for the results of the Iraq surge which he voted against. All of this while following the same idea as the Iraq surge for the Afghanistan fight. The truth was not an issue in his rhetoric and I'm sure he's unhappy with us for actually checking his facts. Especially Donald Rumsfeld.

Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld is understandably ticked off at the statement made by Obama that the generals in Afghanistan requested troops but they never came. Rumsfeld's boxers are in such a tight twist that he's doing the unthinkable, he's demanding proof! Oh the injustice!

Mr Rumsfeld has called on the President to supply the evidence of these requests, who made them, who they were made too, when they were denied and who they were denied by. Sadly, no real pressure will be put on Obama to supply this information or correct his statements about how Afghanistan was neglected and denied requested troops so that Bush could wage his illegal war in Iraq. Why will not pressure come? Because the press doesn't want the real answer. They like the lie way too much; it fits in with their own opinions and ideologies.

One can only hope that, on this occasion, Rumsfeld will shout as loudly and obnoxiously as the Code Pink "ladies" who protest him. Go Donny!

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