Monday, June 29, 2009

Press Doesn't Know What To Do When Drugs Are Not Involved

Once the autopsy of Billy Mays revealed that his death was not due to a blow to the head during a rough airplane landing, the next questions from the press were related to drugs. These continued even after they were told that there was no evidence of drug abuse and the number of pills remaining in his prescription bottles were what the should be. It appears that when somebody dies unexpectedly, and drugs are not involved, the press doesn't know what to do.

Billy Mays was taking a strong pain killer, but this was due to a bad hip that was scheduled to be replaced. My mother had her hip replaced due to a very painful bone spur, and my grandfather literally gave up and died when he found out that his hip would NOT be replaced. This is extremely painful and debilitating, but Billy Mays was taking only the prescribed amount of medication for the pain. Good for him! What shocked me was how refreshing it was to hear about a celebrity who is NOT abusing drugs. I'm sure there are many that live a very clean lifestyle, but it seems we hear too much about the many that are not.

Though there was no sign of head trauma, and no sign of drug abuse. There were signs of heart disease. Although the official cause of death will not be released until toxicology results are obtained, it appears that this was the result of heart disease. Natural causes.

Rest in Peace Billy, and thank you for being a celebrity not abusing drugs.

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