Saturday, June 27, 2009

God and Science Are Not Mutually Exclusive

I am a believer in God because of the questions that science cannot answer. For instance, even if the creation of the universe could be tracked back to a single atom that exploded, (the big bang theory) where did that single atom come from. So I believe in God for purely intellectual reasons.

The whole idea that science and God is mutually exclusive is preposterous. God said He created the world in 7 days, but those are 7 of His days not ours. As geology shows rock formations hundreds of thousands of years old, this does not conflict with God. Could it be instead that these are the rock formations that occurred as God shaped our planet? I personally find geology fascinating. I live in an area of limestone where caves are prevalent. Seeing rock slides and cave ins that look dangerous but have been that way for thousands of years does not make me question God, it makes me see Him. The majesty of Marvel Cave in Branson for example, always brings me closer to God. We talk about the shifting of continents which have resulted in some of the most beautiful vistas on earth. Can these not be explained by science but still attributed to God?

Dinosaurs are another issue. Nowhere in the Bible are the dinosaurs mentioned. But God created the animals before he created man. So how much of our time passed between those two. Is it beyond the realm of belief that God would create dinosaurs and then eliminate them in order to give man oil? I don't think so. He knew what He was creating in us. He knew what we would become and what we would need.

For me, science is simply the discovery of how God makes things work. Science does not exclude God, nor does God exclude science. The belief that if something is from God it can have no logical explanation has always baffled me. Though God works in mysterious ways, I see this more as the path of our lives than the workings of our anatomy or our earth. The best analogy I ever heard was that our lives are an embroidery that we view from the back. A mishmash of colors and threads going from this direction to that. But still following God's plan. And from God's perspective, that mishmash forms a beautiful picture. Being exactly what it is supposed to be.

The idea that we are moving farther away from God saddens me. He is the answer to all questions. And as we advance as a people, we do not need him less, we need him more. What has happened to In God We Trust? What has happened to "endowed by his creator"? One of my favorite parts of the Declaration of Independence is the very beginning. "When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to absolve the political bands which connect them to another, and to assume among the powers of the earth the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires they declare the causes which impel them to separation." What I love about this is Nature's God. Not claiming one God over another, but acknowledging a God over nature.

I'm not saying that if you're a scientist you have to believe in God, but it does not preclude you from it either.

Many people claim that the Bible is fantasy and myth. I disagree. But much of it was dictated by God whose ways are not our ways. How many time does He tell us that in those documents? I'm not saying that I don't have questions. I have many that I ask him on a daily basis. One of them is why I'm still single living with a bunch of cats instead of a man who loves me. But there are many others. Being the inquisitive being that I am, I have a list to take with me when I die.


  1. This is a great explanation of how I have felt about a couple of things. Evolution and God are not mutually exclusive. We understand more as God allows us to uncover more of his mysteries. He does that when He knows we are ready to understand. why don't we see God in the answers to those mysteries? Some of us do.

  2. I absolutely agree with you on evolution. I can't believe I didn't include that in with the science. Thanks for pointing that out.