Monday, June 29, 2009

Honduras Military Says "We Have Had Enough Of You"

President Zelaya of Honduras, one of the far left leaning leaders in central America and a strong ally of Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, decided to see if he could amend his country's Constitution in order to stay in power. The military made it pretty clear what they thought of that. Before the poll to see if it would even work could be taken, the military bundled him up in his pj's and flew him out of the country. I think we know where they stand on the subject.

I don't agree with a military take over of a country, but what do you do when somebody is bound and determined to seize more power for themselves? It's a question many of us are asking here right now. What I find really amusing is Hugo Chavez coming out against this when he has himself done much the same thing to his mayors and governors. Many regional leaders in Venezuela who do not support Chavez live in fear or have gone into hiding because of Chavez forcing his will over the will of the people.

Reuters said, "The Obama administration called for Zelaya's return to office as legitimate president of Honduras, placing itself in the same camp as a group of leftist governments that are at ideological loggerheads with the United States." My question, as our country is moving farther and farther to the left, towards socialism, are we really at ideological loggerheads? Or, are we moving towards where Central America already is? We appear to be.

Oh, and it might interest you to know, that a similar Constitutional Amendment to that which sparked the Honduras Coup has been proposed here. There is a bill on the books to repeal the Presidential term limits amendment.

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