Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Dissed Diva

Poor Angelina Jolie is feeling quit disrespected as her role as Lara Croft is expected to be given to a younger actress in the next film. Don't I just feel so sorry for her.

The next Lara Croft movie is expected to be like a prequel, covering Lara's earlier years, but Ms Jolie doesn't think the fact that she would be playing a role younger than the role she played when she was 8 years younger herself should be a problem. She's aging well, really well, but not that well. The actress is currently 35 but apparently believes she can still play a 20 year old.

The actress being considered for the "new" Lara Croft is Megan Fox, the hottie from Transformers. And I feel totally confident in my sexuality referring to that young woman as a hottie. What I wouldn't give for that body. But that's another blog. Angelina not only objects to not being given the role herself, but believes that Ms Fox does not have the talent to play Lara. I'm not really sure how much talent is required. All she has to do is look sexy, be sarcastic and do some stunts, right? Let's not forget that in the last Lara Croft movie the best review was for her co-star, Gerard Butler (whoa baby!). The review said that Gerry's character was the only multi-dimensional character in a one dimensional movie. So I can see where Angie might be concerned. After all, she did win an Oscar for her Lara Croft role, didn't she? Angie also feels that Megan is emulating her and copying everything from her style to her tattoos. Is Angie the only person with tattoos? I got a tattoo several months ago. Does that mean I'm emulating Angie? If so I'll run right out and get it removed. Even though I love it!

As you might have guessed, I'm not Angie's biggest fan. I respect the charity work that she has done but I have little respect for her for anything else. Stealing another woman's husband has a big part to play in that as well. So I don't have a whole lot of sympathy for her being replaced in a role that everybody but her can see is too young for her.

Angie, get over yourself already.

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