Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Off Across the Pond

I've been planning for years to take a trip to Scotland and tomorrow I finally head out. I'll be travelling with my parents (how pitiful is that). Actually they're going with me. I planned to go and they asked if they could come along and what could I say. It's going to be pretty special because my father with have his birthday while we're there.

I've had several people say they are going to stow away in my luggage, but they'll have to pay for the charge for the bag being over 5o lbs. I have so many things I've wanted to see for years and plan on overdosing on scenery.

We will be taking an organized tour through COSMOS which will start in London and then take us up and around Scotland. We talked about doing a self-drive tour but decided against it. To give you some perspective on why we did that, when I was a kid we used to do the national Lampoon's family vacations and, as a result, we have been lost in every large city in the continental US and most of the small ones. Considering that we can't get around Buffalo without looking so lost that a motorcycle driver knocked on our window to help, we figured a foreign country where the drive on the wrong side of the street could be really dangerous.

I'm off tomorrow morning so this will be my last blog for 2 weeks. It also explains why I haven't been blogging much lately. Preparation, preparation, preparation.

But the house is clean (sort of) the cats will be taken care of, my restless leg prescription has been filled, my credit card company has been notified of the travel so I don't get there get myself on fraud watch and my cards frozen. So I'm good to go and so excited and bouncing up and down so fast that I might quite literally be beside myself.

When I return I will be regaling you all with the effusive descriptions of my wonderful travels. See ya.

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