Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Life Ain't Fair - Deal With It

Obama is on the campaign trail again talking about eliminating inequality and establishing fairness. Doesn't that sound wonderful? But you know what, life ain't fair. And trying to make things fair is just bringing unfairness to a different group of people.

It was the government trying to eliminate inequality in the banking industry that got us into this financial mess in the first place. They thought it was unfair that only people who actually pay their bills should be able to get a loan. Oh the horror. Oh the travesty of justice. So the government forced the banks, through legislation, to loan money to people they shouldn't have. And then shock ensued when the people who shouldn't have gotten the loans defaulted and the banks had no more money to loan out. Now people who day pay their bills are having to fund those who don't. Is that fair? And the government is blaming the banks for making the bad loans that they were legislated to make. Is that fair?

If we want fairness in the country then why don't we start by treating Congress and Presidential appointees to the same treatment the rest of us get. Subject to the same taxes, held to at least the same if not a higher standard of ethics, and with the same retirement benefits as the rest of us.

Why aren't we encouraging people to take responsibility for their own success? Nobody can improve your lot in life except for you, and if you're waiting for the government to do it, you'll find their methods just aren't fair.

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