Monday, April 27, 2009

Healhcare Is My Top Priority - Except For Appointments

Our current president ran on a platform that stressed the importance of health care for all Americans. He thinks it is so important that he and Congress are trying to rush through legislation on creating Government run health care with very little debate. However, although he has had the time to appoint 9 different Czars (including a car Czar), and he had time to create positions for Czars which didn't exist under any other president, what he didn't have time to do was appoint the cabinet and sub-cabinet positions that have to do with health care.

His protestations that ensuring health care for every American rings a little hollow when he has yet to appoint even a Surgeon General. In this current Swine Flu potential crisis, we don't even have a director of the CDC. Obama hasn't gotten around to appointing one yet.

Czars - 9, Approved Health care appointments - 0. Perhaps President Obama needs a Czar on cabinet appointments to advise him on how to get them done.

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