Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Letter From Clair McCaskill

I wrote a letter to my Congressmen and to President Obama. This is something I encourage everybody to do regardless of your political views. Make your voice heard. The squeaky wheel and all of that finds no better venue for it's truth than in the world of politics.

Ms McCaskill responded to my letter, which I do give her credit for, but I still disagree with her. I have copied her letter with my sometimes snide and sometimes sarcastic responses. I also sent these responses back to Ms McCaskill. It's pretty enlightening.

I just want to set the record straight in regards to the recently passed Economic Recovery Act.First, this legislation provides one of the largest tax cuts in American history. (Bullshit!)Unlike tax cuts passed in the Bush administration, these tax cuts will go to most people who live in Missouri, instead of primarily helping those people who make more than a million dollars a year. (Yes of course that $7 and change per week will make all the difference in the world with a 13% rate of inflation)Almost one third of the bill, over $247 billion, will go back directly into the pockets of hard working, middle class families and individuals. Also included are a series of important tax cuts for small businesses that are the engine of our economy. These small businesses will be a big help in creating jobs to get us out of this economic mess. (So are you finally acknowledging that imposing the 2nd highest corporate tax rate in the WORLD may have contributed to our current situation?)
Second, this legislation provides a massive investment in our roads, bridges, electric grid, railways, alternative energy, rural broadband, and scientific research. Jobs, jobs, jobs – millions of jobs. ( but aren't most of these construction type jobs? And isn't that an area where illegal immigrants are pushing out American citizens? Aren't these the same jobs you said we need illegal immigrants for because Americans won't do them?)Within hours of the President signing the bill, Missouri was the first state to put people to work as MoDOT began fixing a dangerous bridge over the Osage River near Tuscumbia (Why was this bridge allowed to become so dangerous and why does the state of Missouri need the federal government to bail us out?)using the additional federal dollars for Missouri’s highways. We will receive $637.1 million in additional funds for Missouri roads and bridges. (So because we benefit from the irresponsible spending that makes it OK?)
There is a lot of misinformation about this legislation out there (Most of it coming from Congress who failed to read it before signing it). All of the spending in this bill is through formula funding or competitive grants or loans. There are no earmarks. (The bill is one GIANT earmark) The money in the bill for rapid transit will be available to eight different high traffic corridors in our country, and they must compete for those funds. There is no bullet train to Las Vegas in this bill. Yes there is some funding for helping American manufacturers build alternative energy products, including batteries. Once again, this will create jobs and has the added benefit of getting us out from under the thumb of foreign oil. (of course we would already be out from under the thumb of foreign oil if we were allowed to use our own resources. And even if we do find an alternative energy source, one of two things will happen. Either environmentalists will object and put a halt to it, or the jobs will be sent overseas)This legislation is not perfect, (no shit!) but the Chamber of Commerce, most Republican governors in this country, economic experts, and the National Association of Manufacturers supported it. (so it has the full support of the people benefiting from it. Well doesn't that make all the difference in the world) And the alternative was to do nothing. (which is looking like a better and better option) With thousands of Missourians losing their jobs every month, doing nothing just didn’t cut it for me. (So you rushed to sign a bill you hadn't had time to read just to LOOK like you were doing something) I’m proud I was able to work with some of my Republican colleagues to take some spending out of this bill that wasn’t going to create jobs and add oversight and accountability. (Because we all know that oversight and accountability are what the government does best. Yeah right!) We have to remember that America can handle any problem that comes along. (The American people definitely can if the government would get out of their way and let them) Our work ethic and ingenuity will prevail. (So why are we punishing people with a strong work ethic by taking their money and giving it to people with no work ethic? Doesn't really show a respect for our work ethic and ingenuity) This tax cut and stimulative spending will not cure the illness, (kind of like chemo where the treatment makes you sicker than the disease) but it will stop the bleeding (now that's just laughable. It's like being proud of putting a bandage on a skinned knee while ignoring a severed femoral artery). Together the tough grit of the American people will ultimately cure the illness. (If the government would butt out we could do it faster) Don’t bet on failure, not in America. (This I found really offensive. I'm not sure where in my original letter she thought I was betting on failure. I bet on the success of the American people but they're currently being hamstrung by the American Government.

All best,Senator Claire McCaskill

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