Friday, April 2, 2010

Why Republicans Suck Too

The lefties trying to take over the country obviously don't understand the people they were elected to govern, but the Republicans are hardly an option we're happy to vote for.  The Republicans don't really appear to understand us either.

Though they'll tout the principles they think we want to hear, they don't make much of an effort to live by them and they are just as quick to forget they type of people that make up the majority of this great nation.  What made Reagan such an exceptional leader was that he got it, he understood.  He reminded us of what made us great and celebrated those unique and inherently American characteristics we possess, but this is not what the current Republican party is doing. 

How on earth can a politician believe that he can lead a country, a state or a district he doesn't understand?

I don't want to be lectured to, controlled or even pacified.  I want to be inspired.  I want somebody to stand against the current out of touch idiots in Washington and say that we are a nation who leads, not one who follows.  That we bow to no one.  That our Constitution is the greatest political document ever written and that, when adhered to, results in the finest form of government the world has ever seen.  That a people free to make their own decisions will always work together to improve their situation.  That a man in control of his own destiny will set a higher bar for himself than his government could ever set for him and is far more likely to achieve it.  That we are a nation of self-reliant, hard working people who do not need a nanny to care for them, but who are dedicated to caring for each other.  That we are a generous people and the individual citizens are better at recognizing worthy causes than a politician could ever be. 

I want somebody to show the glaring distance between where this administration is taking the country and where the majority of it's citizens reside.  However, I may as well want to win the lottery as my odds are better for the lottery than they are of finding a politician who actually gets it and can articulate it.  And I don't buy lottery tickets.

Instead of this inspiration we have a Repbulican party that stands as firm as milk toast and is even less appetizing.


  1. Spinster: I think we are witnessing the beginning of a new GOP. The Tea Party movement has said the very same things you say.

    The 'old' GOP ways have gotten us to where we are: in the minority, and have our country heading down the track to ruin.

    There are a new breed of GOP candidates in the wings that will dilute the influence of the 'insiders', who truly don't understand us. It will, however, take time to fully populate the Republican Party with the new breed. The Old Guard will not willingly roll over and die, much as we would like them to.

    The current GOP deal makers and back stabbers have got to step down, and that includes Michael Steele, Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney, and especially, ESPECIALLY John McCain.