Saturday, April 3, 2010

Senator Claire McCaskill and Jobs

I follow Claire McCaskill on Twitter because I just can't get enough of what passes for logic in her world.  Yesterday she posted a rather sarcastic message stating "Why do I get the distinct impression that some Americans will be disappointed if the job growth continues its recent positive trend? weird."

She actually believes that we should be happy that the vast majority of the jobs created are in the government?  The private sector has lost 3 million jobs while the government has gained 119K jobs.  Now there is definitely something to be excited about.

This is all at the same time that Obama and his lock-step administration are waging a war on corporations and spreading the message that profits are bad. 

After hundreds of billions of government spending to create jobs, we should all be grateful that the unemployment has stabilized at over 9%?  Do I have that right Claire?

All I can say is that I'm really sorry that this sorry excuse for a representative of the people isn't up for re-election this year. 

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