Friday, April 2, 2010

Stranger Than Fiction

Congress has paid as much attention to their oath to protect and defend the Constitution as Jesse James paid to that fidelity clause in his wedding vows; and we need to follow Sandra Bullock's lead and kick the bums out.  But will we still be able to do that when our leaders have finished fundamentally transforming our nation?

As I watch what is unfolding in our nation I can't help but believe that our country has been flipped ass over tea kettle as my grandmother used to say.  Our elected officials now view themselves as our parents, the voice of authority telling us how we should live, what we should eat and how to spend our money.  The point they miss is that WE are the voice of authority.  They work for us and we are the ones given the power to punish them, not the other way around.  But punishing us they are.

If you dare to speak out you are villified.  If you tell the truth about the impact of legislation you are called before Congress for a "familly meeting."  We are fined for engaging in behavior that they believe is bad for us.  None of this is within their authority to do.  We are the equivalent of a parent with an out of control teenager and is it really any wonder considering that we've done little to discipline them in the past.  Now, as with a teenager, it may be too late.

Yes, we can vote them out, but they know this and are taking steps to fix it.  Do we really think wide spread amnesty and returning the right to vote to convicted felons is anything but a ploy to load the ballot box?  Just as FDR attempted to stack the Supreme Court in order to get his New Deal passed, the Obama administration is attempting to stack the vote to turn us into a totalitarian socialist nation which would make Hugo Chavez weep with joy.  Then what will happen?

We have millions of people out protesting now and they are being marginalized, disregarded, ridiculed and villified.  Unlike the lefties these are not people who protest as a hobby much as we would knit or read, but people who have to really be upset before they set aside the knitting, pick up a sign and head to the streets.  So when these patriotic citizens, desperate to preserve the Constitution and all that has made us great are denied their voice, what will they do?  That is a question that has plagued me for years.

I don't believe that Constitutionalists are the type of people who will take to the streets with guns and molotov cocktails, but neither are they a group of people who will sigh in resignation and just give up without a fight.  So what will happen?  My idea is that they will go underground.

Years ago I had an idea for a novel where a group decided that the only way to save the country was to wipe out Congress and start fresh.  As I watched events unfold I figured I'd better get off my ass and put it in fiction before it became fact.  I believe I barely made the cut.  In the novel Capitol Punishment a large group of people are determined to save the country in just such a way and have found the means to do it.

Geneticist Samantha Mallard has lived her life in a lab, separated from the world, sequestered in her shell and afraid of what would happen if she ever stuck her head out. Then an attempt is made on her life and she does the only thing she can do – she packs up her laptop, her suitcase and her three-legged cat and she runs. Praying for help, but fearing it will not come, she contacts the only man she has ever loved, tabloid journalist Daniel Callahan. While working to discover why Samantha, a timid scientist was targeted for murder, their investigation leads to something far more shocking; an imminent and potentially cataclysmic revolution.

The revolution is being waged by a subversive group of outraged citizens determined to punish our lawmakers with lethal force. They have issued a death sentence on corrupt, power hungry politicians and there will be no stay of execution.

Though unable to find assistance from any quarter, overwhelmed by the magnitude of their task and positive of their inadequacy to achieve it, Samantha and Daniel refuse to give up. Drawing upon strength they didn’t know they possessed, they persevere down a path that will teach them about life, love, each other, and most importantly themselves.

Can these ordinary citizens save Congress from the wrath of the people? Should they even try?

The novel is now available on Amazon and if you oppose big government, fear the direction the country is taking, wonder where we will end up and what we can do to prevent it, then you'll enjoy this novel.
I would love to see every member of Congress inundated with copies of this book and I'd be saying that even if I wasn't the one who wrote it.

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