Friday, July 3, 2009

Palin Steps Down

Sarah Palin has stated that she will resign as governor of Alaska effective the end of the month. Some say it's so she can run for President, it's possible, but I don't think so. As a single term governor who resigned, she isn't a great Presidential candidate. Even though we currently have a one term senator who spent most of that first term campaigning for the white house, in the white house. So maybe she will run. And maybe she just wants to protect her family from the attacks that just won't stop. The attacks that took up way too much of her time to defend. She did mention how much of the state's time was taken up defending the attacks. There were 15 ethics attacks, all of which she won. This has taken the attention away from the real work of the people. The Vanity Fair article is a case in point.

Sarah may also be taking herself out of the elected office in order to have influence behind the scenes. That I could see. What the press, the Democrats, and even the Republicans did to her was abhorrent. This is the reason we are stuck with professional politicians instead of common sense individuals running our country? And if Sarah went on a campaign to remind our politicians of what our real principles are and who they really serve, that would suit me just fine. She's one of the few who appears to remember that she represents the people, not the party, not the lobbyist and not the special interest groups. I would love to see her drag our professional politicians into American Principle Boot Camp and send them back out to us armed with the skills to save our nation.

After all, isn't Sarah Palin the TYPE of person that we want in our offices? I'm not talking about her ideology or her personal political beliefs, or even her style, but somebody who started out small, did a good job and kept getting promoted. Somebody who brings the basic principles of the country to the fore front of the minds of the people. Somebody with some common sense which is a commodity there is far too little of in the political realm right now.

I'd love to see Sarah in the background influencing politicians, putting them and keeping them on the right track. The track that thinks about the founding principles of the country and the good of the people. I'd love to see her as a talking head, a political pundit, voicing her common sense, though not always well educated, viewpoint on the issues. I'd love to see the wink and the "you betcha" become synonymous with who America really is at her core.

Would you be willing to subject yourself to the hatred that was thrown at Sarah Palin? Picked on for her hair, her clothes, and her state? Would you subject your family to the miscroscopic view and public exposure of every one of their transgressions?

I love Sarah for her no nonsense approach and plain speaking. She was a fresh breeze in a city teeming with bullshit. And even though I'm not so sure I'd want her running the country, some of the attacks that were levied against her are why we end up with politicians instead of statesmen.

The people who should run, the people we as a nation need to run, are the people who will not run.


  1. I wouldn't run for office ever. If there weren't something they could find on me, they would attack my children, my aunts and uncles, my cousins, my church. Whatever. Also, anything they put out would be taken as fact whether there was any truth to it at all. It just wouldn't be woth the hassle.

  2. If only the press scrutinized the policies of the candidates as deeply as they do their personal lives we might have some idea of what's going on.
    The people we need to lead us are the same people who won't put their families through those kinds of attacks.

  3. did i see you driving down olive, why so sad

  4. She cost McCain the election, her folkyness, accent and winking do not ring true, her intellect is below par (our vivid memory of the last one who delegates and follows because of their lack of intellect), but lets face it with the right type of marketing (vote folky, vote god) it can be sold to US, history tends to repeat itself. God help us!

  5. Whether or not she cost McCain the election is under debate. There are many people who only voted because Sarah was on the ticket. McCain being a left of center RINO cost him the election. I certainly couldn't get excited about him.