Monday, July 20, 2009

Government Mandated Abortion Coverage

One of the issues being debated on the national healthcare issue is whether or not abortion should be covered under the plan. But it goes even further than that to a requirement that ALL plans cover abortions. So the government will force companies to offer abortion coverage to their members. So what's wrong with this? It's a medical procedure, right?

Here's how I see it, because I'm sure you're just dying to know. Any abortions that are truly medically necessary due to a threat against the life of the mother is between the woman and her doctor and that can be argued as a medically necessary procedure. However, an abortion just because a woman got knocked up and doesn't want a baby is not a medically necessary procedure. It is a completely elective procedure that treats neither an illness nor an injury, and that's what the healtchare coverage should be about. Preventative check-ups and the treatment of an illness or injury.

If the government is going to dictate the coverage of abortion, are they also going to dictate the coverage of infertility treatments? If you can receive treatment for being pregnant and not wanting a baby can you also receive treatment for not being pregnant and wanting a baby? And why stop there? If we're going to cover elective surgeries, paying to have things done just because of what you want and not what you need (nobody NEEDS to have an abortion as a form of birth control) then are we also going to cover cosmetic services? I can argue that I would be a lot healthier with liposuction and a tummy tuck, so will that be covered under the new government plan? That's a great way to control the costs.

How can the government mandate that private companies offer a procedure that is not medically necessary and may be against what the company stands for? Think about this for a minute. The government would be forcing the Catholic Archdiocese to cover abortion. The government would be forcing catholic hospital organizations and churches of all denominations to offer abortion coverage to their employees. They will be forced to offer something they find morally reprehensible, and for what reason? This is not a treatment of illness or injury but a totally elective procedure.

The argument is being made that abortion is legal in this country and it is a medical procedure, but so is a boob job, rhinoplasty, a face lift, etc, but these are not covered under most medical plans. Why should the rest of us pay for the irresponsibility of another. If the woman didn't want to have a baby, there are other forms of birth control out there that she should have used. So now not only does she not have to deal with the consequences of her actions in the form of the pregnancy, but she won't even have to bear the cost of the abortion herself.

It is insanity to require coverage of a procedure who's only purpose is to extinguish human life and call it healthcare.

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