Friday, July 3, 2009

Is It Better To Have High Standards, Or None At All

Which is better for a person, to set high standards for themselves and fall short of meeting them, or to have low standards and just make them? To me the answer would be obvious. Shouldn't we strive to be the very best that we can be? Set the bar high and always strive to achieve it, but at the same time knowing that we may not always attain that level?

When it comes to politics we know the answer too. In politics, it is best to set a low standard and do enough to get by. Should you set a high standard for yourself and others, always striving for us to be our best, and then you stumble, the airwaves will resound with the gleeful laughs of those willing to point out your mistake. You'll have 24 hr a day coverage of any mistake that you make and it will be used to define you for the rest of your life.

However, if you have a low standard, and there are no expectations that you will be anything but self-serving and corrupt, well then nothing can touch you. You cheat on your taxes and get appointed to the cabinet. You may even get to investigate and potentially arrest others for doing what you got away with scot free. You can funnel millions of dollars in tax payer money to an airport whose only passengers are you and your entourage, and nobody bats an eye. You can tell bold faces lies to the American people, but it's only what they expect.

Is this where we're at? That in the political arena you are better able to hold your office by setting LOW expectations.

The worst part of this is that this same philosophy is being applied to our liberties. We once were a nation that expected much in the way of our freedoms and our liberties. We set the standard and sought to hold to that standard ourselves and encourage others to reach for it. But now..... well where do you think our standards for personal liberties are?

On our Independence Day, of all days, we should be thinking of where the bar of liberty is set, and if it needs to be raised once more. Because think about this, what if they are working so hard to lower the bar so we won't mind so much when they remove it altogether


  1. Spinsterpov,

    You know well that socialists have no standards, with the exception of attacking what has been proven to work.

    That is the only thread connecting their otherwise incoherent policies.

    Great post, but it requires too much thought and self-analysis for Lefties to consider.

    Have a great Independence Day!

  2. Dang, I relied on logic again. We know that never works with the Lefties.

    Thanks for the comment.