Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sandra Bullock & Jesse James - The Ultimate Redistribution of Wealth

Does anything express the political ideals of California better than their divorce laws?  It's no fault and you split the assets down the middle.  That's it. 

The divorce is nobody's fault.  It failed but that can't be because of anything either party actually did.  Nobody should be blamed and nobody should have to take accountability.  Cheat on your wife with a tattooed tart and that's ok.  The destruction of your marriage isn't your fault.

The assets get split down the middle regardless of who made the money and who caused the divorce.  Oh, that's right, it's nobody's fault.  So not only did you cheat on your wife, but now you're entitled to everything she has earned through her hard work and dedication to her career.  The career she was off working while you were screwing the tattoed tart.  Talk about redistribution of wealth!

I'm fairly confident that there is a prenup involved in the Sandy and Jesse situation, but the news of their split did make me think of the CA divorce laws and their redistributive philosophy.

Does anybody know any rich, single men in CA that I can marry, cheat on and divorce?  I need some quick cash. 

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