Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Obama Explaining One More Time

Poor President Obama must be horribly frustrated with his perceived stupidity of the American people.  In spite of polls, protests and outspoken citizens at town halls, the president believes that if we only understood the bill then we'd support it.  He can't even fathom that we actually do understand it and this is why we DON'T support it.  I wonder what it feels like to be the leader of a nation of people you consider to be absolute dolts.

He has thrown everything he has at a horrible healthcare reform bill that will increase spending, bankrupt the country, not cover everybody, do nothing on this urgent problem for four years after it is signed into law and will do nothing to bring the cost curve of health care down.  Gee, what's not to support?

One of my biggest problems with the bill is that analysis has already shown that 60% of every dollar for healthcare services is for administrative costs.  The fastest and most efficient way to bring down the cost of healthcare is to eliminate or at least mitigate administrative costs.  Does anybody with more than a single brain cell believe that the big government organizations which will be created as part of this bill actually decrease administrative costs for your healthcare?  I sure don't.

By failing to do adequate research around what is causing the rise in costs, they cannot effectively fix the problem.  This is proven by them increasing, via their big fix, the largest current cost in healthcare.


  1. Welcome back, Spinster. I was curious as to your whereabouts, and I can see that life has thrown a few cureballs your way. Hang in there, OK?

    The only reason Obama is hell bent on getting this thing through is the fine everyone pays if you can't prove you have a qualified health plan. Imagine the kind of cash that will generate! Every year. And it's all Obama's to do with what he wishes, regardless of what he tells folks as to the use of the funds.

    A couple of gazillion dollars, that's some pretty serious scratch where I come from.

  2. It would just be so nice if our so called leaders didn't have worse manners and less subtlety than mafia enforcers.

  3. It is somewhat gouche, their ham fisted gen e se qua, if I can use the language of John Kerry, who served in Vietnam...

  4. Of course, not even the best sales job, or even correcting the issues you brought up, will authorize this abomination under the Constitution.