Saturday, January 16, 2010

Massachusetts Miracle

I saw this video on youtube and just had to share.  It sums it all up quite nicely as we pray for another miracle to save us all from an oppressive and tyrannical regime.

I pray every day for the Massachusetts miracle.


  1. I agree 110%, with you and the movie.

    My only quibble is that if it does happen, it won't be a miracle. It will only be a miracle if Brown didn't win. The truth is on his side.

  2. If he doesn't win I expect it to be the results of Democrat corruption in the voting process, and that's no miracle. The miracle will be overcoming that. Thanks for commenting.

  3. If we are going for miracles, how about this one: Sen. Scott Brown (R-Ma) in a landslide, so lopsided a win that not even ACORN could 'Franken' the results.

  4. That's really the miracle I'm prayin for, Fredd. I want to be completely decisive so that no amount of machinations can affect it and no spin can detract from it.