Monday, November 30, 2009

The Obama Implosion

With harsh criticism coming now from both the right and the left, I can't help but wonder how long it will be before Obama implodes. By this I don't mean the Obama administration, I mean the man himself.

Obama the man thrives on adoration and takes the worship of the unenlightened masses as his due. This is how it is supposed to be for him. This is evident in every gesture he makes, most especially the way he cocks up his chin to look down his nose at the people. I must admit that I've been known to cock up my chin when I talk to people, but I'm 5'2" so I do that in order to see the face of the person I'm speaking to, Obama is how tall exactly?

Anyway, moving along in my rambling thoughts, I think back to the first cracks we saw in the Obama veneer of calm as harsh criticism began as early as February. That was just the usual criticism of anybody in the highest office in the land but he had a problem masking his irritation that he would be so questioned by the plebeians that voted him in and yet which he despises.

How then, as criticisms escalate that he's moving too far to the left and also not far enough to the left, will he deal with this? His infomercials aren't working any more and serve more as an opportunity for additional criticism than a deterrent to it. This leads to wonder when the last straw will fall and the man will go totally ape shit on the air. I have a feeling he already goes ape shit in private on some occasions. We all do. My definition of an implosion though will be when he looses that cool and shows his derision for the American public in a way that not even an avid supporter could justify with a straight face.

I've thought about starting a pool on when that day will be. I'm reserving November 3, 2010 for myself as I believe the results of the mid-term elections will make the man apoplectic.

Reserve your date now and we can begin the Obama Implosion Watch. May it happen sooner than I predicted.

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