Friday, August 14, 2009

Real Stimulus

The administration keeps telling us how the recession is ending and we're on the road to recovery; claiming the stimulus package is responsible even though only 10% of the money has been spent, and most of that unwisely.

New polls show that the majority of Americans believe the stimulus money should be put back in the coffers to reduce the deficit, or given to the people. Either one of these would work just fine for me, but if we really want to stimulate the economy further and we're going to use the money, then it should be in the hands of the taxpayers; 72% of Americans agree with me.

If we took the roughly $708 BILLION dollars remaining in the stimulus fund, and divided that by the roughly 92.3 million people in the country who actually pay taxes, then each person would receive $7,670 each. Think about what we could do with that money.

If you're in debt it could go to pay off that debt and boost the banks.
If you need a new car, you use it for that and boost the auto industry (buy a Ford)
If you aren't in debt and your car is fine then you could really do some shopping, increasing retail sales and boosting other companies resulting in new jobs.

Just imagine how the economy would be stimulated if 92 million people got to go on a spending spree with $7,000 of their own money. Now that's some stimulus!

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